Our Team

Meet Dr. Abbie Derby

Dr. Derby has been practicing since 2013. She specializes in helping patients find the best glasses and contact lens prescription for their vision. She also enjoys treating all types of medical eye issues like conjunctivitis (pink eye) and dry eye. When not at work she spends most of her time riding vintage mini dirt bikes with her husband. Dr. Derby (or Abbie, as she likes to be called) is originally from Iowa and did undergraduate at The University of Iowa SO ---- GO HAWKEYES!

Meet Dr. John McDaniel

Dr. McDaniel graduated from The Ohio State College of Optometry. Dr. McDaniel is great at helping patients fine tune their glasses or contact lens prescriptions to maximize vision. Outside of the office he is either chauffeuring his son to baseball practice or wailing on his guitar.

Meet Rachel Sandoval

Rachel is an Optician. In other words, she handles glasses, lenses, frame styling, etc. Rachel has over a decade of experience in opticianry, optics, and frame styling. Her experience with all aspects of eye care makes her one of the best stylists in Colorado. When she is not helping patients in the office Rachel loves taking care of her pet cats and koi fish.

Meet Thomas Cervantes, ABO

Thomas is our director of operations. Thomas has been with the company from the very start. He has been certified by the American Board of Opticianry since 2009. Outside of the office, Thomas is a world class mountaineer. He is also known world wide for his rugged good looks and dashing personality.

Meet Maiah Fogel

Maiah is our referral coordinator. Anytime one of our patients need to be referred to a specialist of any kind, Maiah is the person that makes sure that the specialist’s office gets all the info they need to get you in as soon as possible. When not at Ascent Eyes, Maiah enjoys hiking with her dog! Maiah is an Ohio State graduate like Dr. McDaniel SO ---- GO BUCKEYES!

Meet Claudia Marquez-Hernandez

Claudia is our office administrator. She is basically in charge of making sure Thomas doesn’t fall asleep in the back anymore. When she is not in the office, Claudia enjoys street racing her jeep.

Meet Juli Mendez

Juli is an Optical Ninja. In other words, she is great at finding the perfect frame every time. Juli is also great at helping patients figure out what lenses will work the best for them. When Juli is not helping patients in the office she loves hiking and trying new restaurants (she is the biggest foodie in the office).… BUT MOST OF ALL SHE IS A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN. #potterhead.

Meet Kody Johnson

Kody will soon be going off to Optometry school, in the meantime Kody is learning valuable Opticianry skills that he can use when he is an Optometrist. Kody spends his time outside the office fishing, duck hunting and going to country music festivals. Kody’s only weakness is his inability to grow a mustache.

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